What To Do If You Have A Problem With Your Diamond Ring

While diamonds are durable and long-lasting stones, rings and other jewelry do experience wear and tear over time and that can affect the fit or cause other potential problems that could have you looking for a diamond ring repair service. If you are currently having an issue with your ring, here are some tips that might help you get the problem solved.

Your Ring Is Difficult to Pull Off

Are you having difficulty when trying to take your diamond ring off your finger? It's possible you might need to get the ring refitted, but you could also just try a little lubrication first and see if that will work. A basic window cleaner is safe enough to spray onto your finger and onto the ring band. Spray and then gently nudge the ringer across your finger until it is off. If you are really straining, it might be best to stop because you don't want to risk hurting your finger or damaging the ring further.

Your Ring Won't Come Off At All

If window cleaner or another form of safe lubrication didn't get the ring off, it's likely time to take the ring to a jeweler. The jeweler may have a better source of lubrication than you do at home. But the jeweler also has the option of cutting the ring off. But don't panic. Jewelers have precise tools that will not damage the band significantly. The jeweler will then be able to get the band back together at a size that will once again be a perfect fit for you.

Your Ring Has Loosened or Moves Too Much On Your Finger

Of course, your ring could have the opposite problem from what was just described. A diamond ring that is too loose or moves up and down your finger could be distracting throughout the day, not to mention the risk that you might accidentally lose it if it slides right off. Don't try to tighten the ring yourself as you likely don't have the proper tools, which can lead to further damage. A local jeweler can assist.

The Diamond Is Not Properly Set

If the diamond is spinning within its setting or is otherwise loose, this is obviously a dangerous situation. The diamond is the most expensive part of the ring by far and if it falls out and you loose it, you're going to regret it. Seal the ring in a plastic bag until you can get a professional to fix the setting.